SysAdmin makes it so much easier to administer multidomain Active Directory-based networks by providing a single tool to do whatever you need - use it to manage domains, servers, computers, users, and groups.

This is an application for Windows 10, which lets you:

  • Add, edit and delete objects in Active Directory
  • View software and hardware
  • Events, processes, services on computers
  • Add and delete objects from groups
  • Reset a user's password
  • Add photos
  • Restart and shutdown remote computers
  • Computers performance
  • Simple terminal
  • Passwords generator
  • Check new updates
  • Filters for users, computer
  • Patterns for add new users
  • Move object to another container
  • Monitoring: CPU, Drive, Memory, HTTP, Ping, Process, Service, Events
  • Reports

Discover what all the SysAdmin is about!

Our app is available on any Windows device! Download now to get started!

Before using this application, you must install the SysAdmin Windows service on one of the computers in the domain.

Minimal requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6